Green Carpet Cleaning

Green_Carpet_Cleaning_Los_AngelesWe Have Heard You…All of the cleaning agents Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning uses are safe for use in your home or business, around people and pets. They have been rigorously industry-tested. Despite this, some people are sensitive to the scented cleansers and detergents we typically use, have allergies or other medical problems that could be aggravated by traditional products, and others are simply staunch advocates of “green,” natural cleaning products.

We Proudly use a full line of Procyon Products

All of our PROCYON products are powerful and yet soap free, odor free, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic with no VOCs and no off-gassing.  Made with all natural ingredients, PROCYON products are one of the safest on the market today. To read more about the Procyon Line of Products please click Here

To ensure we continue to meet and exceed all our customers’ needs, we  now carry a full line of highly effective green cleaning products. Just ask. If you or a family member has a sensitivity or allergy, we do recommend giving them a try.

Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning is a fully certified IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) company.

Carpet Stretching + Cleaning

Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning has serviced countless carpets and won’t be stopping anytime soon; we love what we do! Save your money and get your carpet repaired, not replaced!

Carpet + Seam Repair

Whether it’s pet damage, new appliance damage, or just natural wear and tear, your carpet will eventually degrade, it’s only natural. We’re here to help you save money and time with the fixes!

Tile + Grout Repair

It doesn’t end on the carpet – We’ve been replacing tile and grout for years! Go ahead and contact us below and we’ll be happy to fit you on our schedule! 

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