Rug Dyeing

Do you have a rug that has lost its color and vibrancy to sun damage? You are not alone. Did you know that Phoenix receives an average of 4,000 hours of sunlight a year?  With this much sunlight, rugs tend to become sun faded very quickly.

We understand that sun-fading is an urgent problem in need of a solution. We are proud that we can now offer rug dyeing services to you. Our service will restore the original color of your rug and preserve its value. 

The Rug Dyeing Process

The rug dyeing process starts when we pick up your rug from your home. Rug dyeing takes place at our facility because of the specialized tools needed for the job.

We use air brushes and sprayers to apply the dye to your rug. These tools help us apply our dyes with expert precision and gives us the ability restore the complex multicolored patterns and designs on your rug.

It does not matter what kind of rug that you have because we restore them all. We can dye Wool, Silk, Persian, Oriental, Handwoven and many more styles of rug!

We love the challenge and we love the look on our customer’s face when they see their rug restored to its original glory!

Our dyes are 100% non-toxic and will not bleed or fade after application.  After you rug has been successfully re-dyed by our expert staff, we will return your rug to you looking brand new!

For more information about our rug dyeing service please give us a call at 602-688-4186 today.