ScotchGard Protector


Insurance Against Stains and Ground-In Dirt

Carpet typically comes standard with a manufacturer applied fiber protectant like Scotchgard™ or Teflon that helps repel stains and dirt…but protection doesn’t last for long.   Fact: Stain protectant is stripped from your carpet’s fibers the first time you shampoo. That includes when Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning pros steam clean your carpet. We can guarantee a zero residue clean because we use a high temperature water that deeply cleans your carpet’s fibers.

Why and When to Re-apply

Of course you’re not going to live with dirty, filthy carpets! The simple solution? To fully protect your carpet, Scotchgard™ should be re-applied after every cleaning by an IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) Technician. The benefit? Helping your carpet repel stains and dirt. In the end, your carpet’s lifetime is maximized and you may even save a little cash because it simply doesn’t take us as long to remove stains, dirt, and grime. So rule of thumb: ask us to re-apply Scotchgard every time we clean.   Scotchgard, the leader in fiber protection, is our product of choice. Scotchgard has been a household name for the last 55 years. You recognize it by name and the classic tartan plaid logo as a symbol of quality. In recent years the company has improved its product by making it environmentally friendly and improving its health and safety for both commercial and residential use.

Phoenix Carpet Repair and Cleaning proudly uses the Scotchgard trusted brand of protectants because we want you to trust our brand. Our addition of Scotchgard protectant permits us to expand the superior carpet services we already offer. Ask us about our Scotchgard protectant services.   

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Carpet Stretching + Cleaning

Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning has serviced countless carpets and won’t be stopping anytime soon; we love what we do! Save your money and get your carpet repaired, not replaced!

Carpet + Seam Repair

Whether it’s pet damage, new appliance damage, or just natural wear and tear, your carpet will eventually degrade, it’s only natural. We’re here to help you save money and time with the fixes!

Tile + Grout Repair

It doesn’t end on the carpet – We’ve been replacing tile and grout for years! Go ahead and contact us below and we’ll be happy to fit you on our schedule! 

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