Scotchgard Protector

Looking for an effective way to protect your rug between rug cleanings? Scotchgard Rug Protector is what you need to protect your rug from spills, stains, and soils.

Scotchgard Rug Protector works by creating a protective barrier around your rug. It pushes liquid spills to the surface and forces it to bead up. This makes cleanup a breeze.

It also limits wicking from occurring. Wicking is what happens when soils that are trapped in the padding travels to the tip of rug fibers and dries.

Scotchgard Rug Protector prevents wicking by limiting the ability of soils to reach the rug pad. Scotchgard Rug Protector is perfect for high traffic areas and will not change the look or feel of your rug.

It is easy to apply and  will cover an 5 ft x 6 ft area. We recommend re-applying Scotchgard Rug Protector every six months.

Learn how Scotchgard Rug Protector can keep your rug looking new by calling 602-688-4186 today.